Q1. What is a Webinar?

A Webinar is an online seminar. Once you’ve registered, you will be given a link, this link will allow you to connect to the live session at the designated date and time via your computer or mobile. You can also ask questions and participate through polls in real time.

Q2. Where is it held?

As the webinars are online, you may join from the comfort of your office, home and even a cafe.

Q3. Who can join?

Any members in Churches that are affiliated to Hope International Ministries can participate in the Webinars. However, some Webinars are better suited for certain interest group. Refer to each Webinar’s synopsis for details.

Q4. When are the Webinars held?

Click here for the Webinars Schedule.

Q5. How do I join the Webinar(s)?

Click here to register today.

Q6. Do I need to pay to attend the Webinars?

No, we are making it free of charge, so that you can attend without any costs.


Q7. What are Time Zones?

All Webinars have been set to the facilitator’s local time. For you as participants, please ensure that you select the right time zone when you register online.

More information on Time Zone
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is a global time standard and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is a time zone. Both time system are often used interchangeably as there is no time difference between the two.

In our case,

GMT+1 is London Time Zone (Daylight Saving Time)
GMT+2 is Berlin Time Zone (Daylight Saving Time)
GMT+8 is Singapore/Malaysia Time Zone.
GMT+10 is Brisbane Time Zone.

To calculate what is your local time, you can use this free online tool: Time Zone Calculator.

Q8. Is there a limit to attendances for each Webinar?

Only the first 500 registered participants can join the Webinar.

Q9. Is there a closing date to register for the Webinars?


Q10. What can I expect after registering for the Webinar of my choice?

You will receive a confirmation email from us providing you with instructions on how to join your registered Webinar. If you did not receive any confirmation email, please email us at

Q11. Can I listen in as a group?

Yes. However, one member of your group is required to register for the Webinar.

Q12. Can I register for multiple Webinars?



Q13. Can I ask questions during the Webinars?

Definitely. During the Webinar, you can type your questions to the facilitator. However, due to time constraints, the facilitator might not have the time to answer everyone’s questions.

Q14. Will the recordings be made available after the completion of the Webinar?

Currently, the recordings will not be made available to the public. However, for those who have registered for the Webinars (even if you are unable to join the live Webinar), you will be given access to the recording within two weeks after the completion of the Webinar. We will send you the link when it is available. So, if you would like to listen to a particular Webinar, you are required to register.


Q15. Can I use any type of devices?

Technically yes. You can join the Webinars from your laptop, iOS or Android mobile. But there will be system requirements. Click Here to find out more.

If you are joining the Webinars on your mobile, you will need to download the app in advance. Search for the app GoToWebinar in Apple iTunes or the Google Play Store. It is free to download.

Q16. Why are the Webinars lagging? I can’t seem to watch the session properly. The sound and the picture quality is quite poor.

This is usually due to a poor internet connection or a lack of bandwidth to stream the Webinar. On our end, we have ensured to use a stable connection with sufficient bandwidth. You can try using wifi or cabled connection and move yourself closer to stronger signals. If the problem persists, you can view the recording after the completion of the Webinars. A link will be send to all registered participants within two weeks.